SAGE X3|Secure your ERP with Sage ERP X3 V12

ERP (Enterprise Resource Planner / Sage X3 ERP) is one of the most important and critical software for an Organization simply because it connects all the processes / Teams / departments and also act as the central repository for various other needs such as reporting / integrations and so forth.

Let’s first agree on one point, with the evaluation of hosted applications / cloud applications, most of the ERP’s including Sage X3 has the ability to work from the cloud, of course making it accessible from anywhere in the world which will definitely improve the productivity right?

Yes, it will certainly because you have already gone beyond the geographical boundaries! Fantastic!

Let’s put our excitement on hold for a moment and remember that running an ERP on the cloud without proper measures in place could be the worst nightmare as your entire organization might get exposed with all the sensitive information and will never be able to recover!

What’s disturbing, is that most people’s passwords are very simple and this leaves them vulnerable to having their various accounts hacked. The average person has 25-30 online profiles or accounts, but to make it easier to remember, they use only 5 passwords for all of them. Also, thousands of people still use basic passwords (such as, ‘qwerty’, ‘1234’, or ‘password’).

In addition to that, are you also aware that having a secure password for your ERP is on the checklist of your yearly audit?

But with Sage X3 ERP V12, we have taken care of this cumbersome process of ensuring that proper password policies are in place (Within Sage X3 Password – Policy Setups) and the users have no other option besides adhering!


  • Define unlimited number of password policies, then assign them to groups / users based on the nature of the requirement with X3 V12
  • Set complex rules, for example, having a minimum / max length for the passwords, add conditions such as having an upper case / lower case and even a numeric, if you require a completely different logic even that could be easily embedded into Sage X3 ERP
  • If you have a list of weak passwords (which is globally released every month) you may even maintain it as “BLACK-LISTED” passwords and Sage X3 – V12 ERP will not let someone use it!
  • Set expirations / alert the user before expirations, connect with Single Sign-on (SSO) / OAuth 2.0 and the list continues with SAGE ERP X3!

“Prevention is better than Cure” and Team RFR could help you with securing your current Sage X3 ERP by working together with you! Please reach us at and we will be more than happy to help you!


Author: Muhammed Uwais
Functional Consultant / Project Manager at RFR Group (Sage X3 / Sage 300 / Dynamics NAV 2017/ Netsuite)