Rate Track - SAGE X3 Add-ons

Are you struggling to update exchange rate on daily basis?

Are the rates used not vigilant with the audit authorization?

Does your company operate on multiple source currencies and finding the inverse rates inaccurate?

Is your Exchange gain / loss calculated not precise?

Let our tool manage this for you. We offer:

  • Exclusive currency integration tool built in for all Sage EM versions starting from client edition to latest web edition
  • A currency rate platform that is utilized by more than 50,000 trusted organizations worldwide
  • A platform used by clients ranging from charities and universities to major sports networks, international brands and Fortune 500s, serving tens of millions of people every day.
  • Real time updates on over 150 currencies in milliseconds on scheduled timings
  • Proven 100% successful on companies operating with:
    • Multi Legislations
    • Multi Entities
    • Multi Source Currencies
  • Organized daily history on all currencies based on the updated rate in the system
  • A whole of transparency of exchange rates are pooled into your hands on a blink of an eye. Nothing could be missed for you to review or plan your foreign currency transactions
  • Out of the Box Integration
  • Fully Automated, minimal setup with most of the Exchange Rate API’s
  • Stay updated with the Currency Rates