Through our Connected Delivery service methodology, we design a solution from the start that works for your business – aligning business and IT requirements. That’s Return on Integration.

Sage X3 for Manufacturing is ideal for manufacturers, especially those operating in complex sectors such as high tech, industrial equipment, medical devices and metal fabrication manufacturing.

With Sage X3 you can gain a complete, real time overview of your business by streamlining all processes across finance, manufacturing, stock control, CRM and reporting.
With over two decades of experience delivering ERP solutions, combined with our teams of developers, delivery specialists and technical consultants trained in Sage X3 means we are the perfect choice when it comes to your Sage X3 solution.

Manufacturers are under constant pressure to produce high-quality products on time, every time. While aiming to reduce costs and increase profitability, you have to deal with the added complexities of economic fluctuations, market governance, and compliance mandates. By automating your procurement, manufacturing, and customer management processes you can gain significant competitive advantages and minimize the costs and risks associated with high inventory levels.

Benefit from industry-specific functionality
Sage X3 supports a variety of manufacturing modes, including make-to-order, configure-to-order, assemble-to-order, make-to-stock and mixed-mode environments. It combines advanced manufacturing, distribution, warehousing, CRM, and accounting functionality with features needed by hard goods manufacturers like you, including:

  • Product configuration
  • Kit assembly
  • Finite and infinite capacity planning
  • Multi-level bills of material
  • Cost accounting

Transform your business to increase profitability
Hard goods manufacturers often require additional support for their distribution operations, particularly in the areas of warehousing and logistics. Your company could realize immediate benefits from seamlessly connecting Sage X3 to data collection equipment such as radio-frequency devices, both on the shop floor and in the warehouse.

Take advantage of new global opportunities
Sage X3 makes it easy to share common data and processes between different foreign sites or subsidiaries, while respecting the specific usages and business rules of each. It also centralizes country-specific parameters, such as legal and market requirements, to offer a single global solution. Fine-tuned to meet your specific industry requirements, Sage X3 provides the advanced functionality you need to be successful in today’s global economy.


  • Real-time access to business information
  • Quality assurance
  • Integrated CRM functionality for better client management
  • Multi Lingual and Multi Currency functionality
  • Capacity planning
  • User friendly dashboards


  • Minimise production bottlenecks and achieving greater consistency
  • Improve customer service by providing accurate real time information
  • Track material consumption and production time with automated data collection handheld devices
  • Control the shop floor with single-site, single-product analysis
  • Ensure products meet quality control and compliance requirements
  • Achieve extensive lot, sub-lot and serial number traceability through retail management