SAGE X3 – V12|License Plate Number

License Plate Number is a practice of grouping sets of units under its own unique barcode called a License Plate Number (LPN), making it easier and faster to receive, transfer and transact that group of inventory as a single unit. Imagine being able to receive 1,000 units with a quick barcode scan rather than scanning each item individually.

A single license plate can contain multiple data points, such as:

  • Item type
  • Quantity
  • Serial numbers
  • Lot number
  • Sub-Lot number
  • Inventory status

How Can License Plating Help Your Business?

The purpose of license plating is to keep track of inventory by grouping and managing all of the items and pallets via license plate numbers. License plate numbers distinguish each item for better lot management and traceability and it also reduces the number of scans needed to enter a transaction. Efficiency is vital to any process and license plating allowing to achieve optimum efficiency using its traceability process. It allows businesses to gain a competitive edge by providing the below-listed benefits :

  • Receiving shipments faster by letting you enter license plate details proactively.
  • Checking and verifying the products by license plate to detect any problems and proactively fix them.
  • Identifying popular warehouse items to make sure routes for those items are fast and efficient.
  • Tracking items in a pallet and ensuring that they are in the right places
  • Tracking containers, maximizing space in the warehouse and improving load accuracy.
  • Customer satisfaction due to faster mechanism of scanning license plate instead of individual items.
  • Improving load management functionality.
  • Speeding up overall warehouse operations by minimizing manual data entry and eliminating human error.

If you have not already implemented this advance mechanism on license plating into your business, it is well worth the investment. Using Sage X3 ERP, you can facilitate license plating and make your business much more efficient. With SAGE X3, you can create new license plate records in multiple ways and define the items in each record.

The system allows us to define container setups for each location and the function is executed on each level of stock movements. Every stock movement would be allocated to a specific license plate available providing a new revolution to business operation.

We would love to help your business with these advance features which would have enormous improvements in your operational and financial productivities. Please ping us on and we would be more than happy to help you!